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It was an amazing journey discussing about my insurance options briefly with Priyanka. Would surely recommend for professionalism and product knowledge sharing.

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance protects your family from the financial risk of your death. If you die while covered by life insurance, a lump sum is paid to your surviving family members (or anyone else you choose). This lump sum can help clear your debts and provide your family with a continuing income.

When will I use life insurance?

Life insurance is only paid out if you die. While some policies will pay upon diagnosis of a terminal illness, you generally can’t claim life insurance for an illness or injury, no matter how serious. For these events, you should consider other forms of personal insurance like income protection, trauma and total and permanent disability cover.

How much does life insurance cost?

Your Finsol adviser will provide a comparison of quotes from different insurers to enable you to select the best policy to suit your requirements at competitive prices.

How can we help you?